NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program

In March 2010, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) entered into a partnership with the Nova Scotia Salmon Association (NSSA) establishing an important environmental sponsorship aimed at improving water quality. Celebrating the importance of Nova Scotia’s local wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers and estuaries the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program helps volunteer community groups across Nova Scotia protect and restore their local watersheds. 

The NSLC, using the proceeds of its annual ECO Event has made a five-year, $500,000 commitment to the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program. Through promotional offerings from the NSLC’s supplier partners, customers are able to purchase participating products and donate to the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program. The program receives a minimum of $100,000 in annual funding from the partnership while the NSSA continues to oversee and operate the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program.

To date, over $300,000 has been donated expanding the program’s geographic reach and support and in 2011 contributed to the great strides of 25 community groups.

  • Restoring more than 143,490 m2 of stream and riparian habitat.      
  • Re-establishing 50 km of fish passage.      
  • Planting 19,065 streamside trees.     
  • Creating 87 seasonal field jobs.      
  • Contributing 6,494 volunteer hours

For more information on the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program please visit:www.adoptastream.ca