Gaspé Saumon d’Atlantique By Tosh Brown

I’VE WANTED TO CATCH an Atlantic salmon for some time, now. While I hate to use the term “bucket list” at the spry young age of 50, I’ve started dropping a few pins on the map since the AARP packets began showing up in the mail. I can run, but I can’t hide.

For those of you unfamiliar with Atlantic salmon, they begin their lives in fresh water and then run back and forth from their natal rivers to the ocean for feeding and spawning binges. There was a time when they were abundant in New England rivers, but now you’ll pretty much need a Passport to catch one. Well, unless you’re a resident of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, The UK, Norway, Finland, or Russia.

Last week I returned home from Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, and a wonderful week of fishing and photography at Camp Bonaventure. My hope was to hit the early season run of strong and shiny migrant salmon, and boy did that work out well. Glenn LeGrand runs a great operation, especially with his daily rod assignments on dozens of regulated fishing “beats”. Guests of Camp Bonaventure have access to three different rivers: the Bonaventure, the Grand Cascapedia, and the Petite Cascapedia. Each has public water and limited access water, and if you prefer not to fish shoulder-to-shoulder with folks you don’t know, then Glenn is your guy.

Since this was a completely new experience for me, I could write volumes on the actual fishing. Instead I’ll spare you the detailed rhetoric and punch out a quick laundry list:

  • Atlantic salmon fishing is steeped in tradition, so roll with it
  • Bring lots of leader material; you’ll be changing flies quite often
  • Fishing conversations in French are nice to hear, even if you can’t understand them
  • I love dry flies that don’t require flip-focals attached to my hat
  • Watching a really big fish rise from the bottom of a crystal clear pool to eat a fly is pretty special
  • I wish I’d discovered Spey casting long before I did
  • Atlantic salmon are incredibly picky, and here’s how they typically react to a swung streamer or dry fly…

Thanks to Ford McTee for catching lots of fish and helping me Sherpa camera boxes from pool to pool. Thanks to the guides for their courtesy, teaching, and plenty of laughs. Thanks to Glenn, Johnny, and the lodge staff for a wonderful accommodation. And thanks to The Atlantic Salmon Federation for keeping the heat on those determined to net and eat the very last one. I’m talking about you, Greenland.

To see the entire shoot, please click here.

Salmon Lodge Fishing & River Report - June 22nd to 28th, 2015

What a great week to be at camp! Our fishing keeps getting better and better. Last week’s high tides combined with regular rainfall was the recipe for a wonderful week of fishing. Everyone at camp had the opportunity to land fish , needless to say, we have a bunch of happy fishermen. Last week’s rain fall maintained our rivers at perfect levels and temperatures for this time of the season.  

Dan Greenberg releases a nice one back to the Grand Cascapedia, congratulations Dan!

Dan Greenberg releases a nice one back to the Grand Cascapedia, congratulations Dan!

The Bonaventure is flowing at 35 cubic meters per second which is a little higher than normal for late June, but we’re certainly not complaining .  Higher water allows us easy travel with  canoes and it makes the guides job a lot easier. Higher water also means that salmon can hold just about anywhere and not necessarily in the pools.  The guides are finding fish in runs and smaller pockets throughout the river. Most of the time when you find a couple of fish holding in a small run they’re pretty  easy to catch. 

Jim Lawley from Halifax with a nice one from the Grand, Good going Jim!

Jim Lawley from Halifax with a nice one from the Grand, Good going Jim!

The Grand Cascapedia is also flowing a bit higher than normal for this time of year. The Grand is presently at 42 Cubic meters per second, normal for this time of the season is around 30. The regular rain fall has maintained water levels and like the Bony the Grand is fishing very well.

Moncton Angler Terry LeBlanc with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations, Terry!

Moncton Angler Terry LeBlanc with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations, Terry!

The Petite Cascapedia opened up for fishing on June 15th, the Petite is always a bit later than the Bony and the Grand. The Petite is starting to produce some nice fish and during our float trips we’re seeing a good number of fresh salmon. Flowing at 25 Cubic meters per second it’s normal for this time of the season.

The full moon on July 1st will be producing some of the highest tides of the summer. Anytime between June 29th and July 5th our tides will be at least 2 to 3 feet above normal. If everything stay the same we should be in for a heck of a run of fresh fish.

ASF President Bill Taylor was our guest at Salmon Lodge this week, he was telling me that reports are favorable from most rivers and all indications look like we are in for a good year, let keep our fingers crossed.

ASF president Bill Taylor releases a nice fish back for a swim on the Bonaventure, nice one Bill!

ASF president Bill Taylor releases a nice fish back for a swim on the Bonaventure, nice one Bill!

So Many choices!

So Many choices!

With all the rain and cooler days our water is still bit cool, we are however getting some good dry fly action. The hot dry’s have been Green, Blue and Dark brown bombers. Wets are still the big producers, the Stone Ghost is still the hot fly this season. Other patterns working well is the John Olin, Picasse, Silver Rat and Green Highlander. The Nagli, Langa fancy and Out to Lunch are still holding their own. Old regulars like the Black Bear Green Butt, Blue Charm, and Green Machine are also producing well. With fresh run salmon in cool water you can throw just about anything and one will take it.

Until next week,

Tight Lines,


Tosh Brown

Camp Bonaventure our sister lodge, had the privilege of hosting Mr. Tosh Brown this past week. Tosh Brown is an Austin, Texas based photographer specializing in hunting, fishing and travel photos for the outdoor industries. From Alaska to the Amazon and Tanzania to the South Pacific, his stock photography archive covers a broad range of angling, shooting, fly fishing and wildlife subjects. Tosh is also available for custom assignment photography: commercial, editorial and private.

Congratulations Tosh on catching your first Atlantic salmon!

Congratulations Tosh on catching your first Atlantic salmon!

Salmon Lodge Fishing & River Report - June 15th to 21st, 2015

The only way to describe this past week is “simply wonderful salmon fishing.”  River conditions are perfect, water levels are great and we have plenty of fresh run salmon in the river. 

Ken Dunsten Lands a nice one on the Grand Cascapedia, Nice Salmon Ken!

Ken Dunsten Lands a nice one on the Grand Cascapedia, Nice Salmon Ken!

The Bonaventure river is flowing cold and clear at 43 cubic meters per second. The Grand cascapedia at 60 and the Petite Cascapedia at 35. Our rivers are a little higher than normal for this time of the season but we’re not complaining, better higher than too low.  The higher water is allowing salmon to move quickly up stream,  all our rivers have fish throughout their entire systems. Our guides were commenting this week on seeing fish in broad daylight moving up river and not even stopping in the pools.

Salmon Lodge regular Brian Spence with Salmon Lodge guide Pat Trudel. A fine Grand Cascapedia beauty!, Congratulations Brian!

Salmon Lodge regular Brian Spence with Salmon Lodge guide Pat Trudel. A fine Grand Cascapedia beauty!, Congratulations Brian!

The new moon on the 16th gave us the tides we need to bring in a good run of fresh salmon. The weather has also been cooperating, temperatures have not been too warn and we received just the right amount of rain to maintain the levels. The forecast is calling for rain and showers during the first part of next week and clear towards the end.

Anthony Mellano with his first fish of 2015, way to go Anthony!

Anthony Mellano with his first fish of 2015, way to go Anthony!

I’m sure that most have seen the “ Fishing Excuse Mug” too warm, too cold, too high and too low. Should have been here last week….etc, all the excuses we need to  to justify our fishing success. Well, this week I told our guests to throw the mug away. Yes, fishing has been great.

Bill More land his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, he' coming back next year!

Bill More land his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, he' coming back next year!

The fly or the week was the Stone Ghost in sized 4 and 6. The John Olin, Nagli, Green Highlander, Silver Rat and Langa Fancy also did a very good job. Dry flies have also started  produce, the water is still a little too cool for great dry fly action but we did manage to hook a few on the floaters.

Curt Hamilton breaks the ice, on his first day out, Congratulations Curt. 

Curt Hamilton breaks the ice, on his first day out, Congratulations Curt. 

It’s easy to write a river report when the conditions are perfect and the fishing is great. Fishing is fishing and we have no choice but to adjust to all conditions, you just never know when you’ll have the best fishing of your life.

Until next week,

Tight lines,


Salmon Lodge Fishing & River report June 8 to 14, 2015

Our second week of the season has been great and we're very encouraged with the beginning of this new season. After last year’s lower returns we are all waiting to see what this year will be. Salmon typically begin entering our rivers in late May and early June with the peak runs beginning any time after June 10th. The first fish are usually big females that run straight through to the top of the river.  I was reading some of my June reports for last season, everyone was waiting for the salmon to show up, they finally did but much later than normal and in fewer numbers. Not the case this year, we have fresh fish in all section of the Bonaventure and Grand Cascapedia. The Petit Cascapedia opens on Monday the 15th so we'll have more news next week. yesterday I was speaking with one of the wardens on the Petite, he told me there were fresh fish in the river.

Charles Dewhurst with a nice fresh Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Charles.

Charles Dewhurst with a nice fresh Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Charles.

Water condition are great on all there rivers. Last week’s rain maintained our rivers at early June levels. The Bonaventure is running at 52 cubic meters a second which is a little higher than normal for this time of the season but great for the salmon. , The Grand Cascapedia has been effected the most and as of Saturday morning it’s running at almost 100 cubic meters per second but falling quickly. The Petite Cascapedia is flowing at 47 CMS up for 40 on Monday.  

Paul Booth plays a BIG Salmon on the Grand. The salmon won this battle but there's always next time.

Paul Booth plays a BIG Salmon on the Grand. The salmon won this battle but there's always next time.

We are seeing fish and catching fish in our lower pools on the Bony on a regular basis. The middle and upper sections have also been fishing well for this time of the season. Water temperatures are still cold in the 44 to 48 degree range  and fishing from a canoe is the best approach at the moment. The Grand Cascapedia has fish throughout the whole river system, the pools are not loaded with fish yet but they are there. The Grand is in the 48 to 50 degree range.

Salmon On!

Salmon On!

Higher water levels call for bigger fly's. We have been catching our fish on no. 2's and 4's, patterns working the best this week have been the Silver Rat, Green highlander and the McPhail Piglet. Spey Flies have also  been doing well for us, patterns such as the Green Spey, Picasse and the Jones Special in sizes 2/0 and even 3/0. It's still a little too early for dry's as the water is cool, we did however have a few fish up to take a close look.

Charles Dewhurst plays a nice one on Montgomery Pool .

Charles Dewhurst plays a nice one on Montgomery Pool .

Our new moon is on the 16th which will give us higher than normal tides. The second moon of June has always brought us a good run of fresh fish.

We were pleased to have expert fly tier Steve Silverio  with us at camp this week. Steve is a regular at Camp Bonaventure and always bring the guides some very sexy new patterns to try. Not only do they look great they also work! Steve is also the North American rep for Partridge of Redditch and Regal Vise.

We were honored to welcome Alexandre L'Hereaux to the lodge this week. Alex is an incredible painter and his work is a must see. I have been in the fishing business for over 35 years and have been fortunate to know many famous and wonderful artists, Alex stands among the best.  

Until next week.

Tight Lines,


Salmon Lodge Fishing & River Report - June 1 to 7, 2015



Salmon Lodge opens on June 7th - Our sister lodge, Camp Bonaventure was pleased to host our annual Spey Casting and Salmon fishing school again this year. Over the years it's become a very popular event attracting anglers, both beginners and experts from around the world. This years school was hosted by professional Spey casting instructors, Mr. Niel Holding and Guideline Director, Mr. Stien Thorvaldsen from Norway. Days were spent on the river fishing and casting while evenings at the lodge were informative and a lot of fun. Guests had the opportunity to cast and fish with the new guideline rods and lines. Everybody enjoyed their experience and many are looking to return next year. If you are interested in joining us in 2016, we will be hosting an "all ladies" School at Salmon Lodge from June 1st to 5th and another for everyone at Camp Bonaventure during the same dates.

Neil Holding fishing the run above Camp Bonaventure.

Stien Thorvaldsen plays one at Poirier pool on opening day.

Our rivers are in great condition and water levels are perfect for early season. The Bonaventure is flowing at 70 cubic meters a second so wading is not yet recommended. Spey rods work fine but not everywhere yet, canoes are the best way to fish at the moment and probably will be for the next week or so. The Bony is clearing well but it's not at its "renowned clarity" for the moment.  The Grand Cascapedia is running over 90 Cubic Meters per second and rising after the rain we received last night. Wading the Grand and even the branches is a bit of a challenge. The water is stained or tea colored and will be for the next week. The Petite Cascapedia is in the best shape and running at 55 Cubic meters per second. The Petite open on June 15th, by them it should be perfect. The weather man is calling for rain and cooler tempertures for the week.

Camp Bonaventure regulars, Mac and Dale Fox fishing the first drop of 2016. 

We have been seeing fresh fish in the Bony since day one and the Grand Cascapedia has reported catches on all sections of the main river. Our head guide Mario Poirier was guiding Mac and Dale Fox on Friday they had a big one to the fly but didn't connect. Rene Barnes from Labrador hooked a nice fish on Malin Pool only to loose it after a few minutes and a couple of long runs. Stien Thorvaldsen landed a nice one on Poirier pool on opening day. Our season just opened and we are just beginning to see fresh salmon entering the river. The first week is always a bit more of a challenge some years are great while others are a bit slower. The good news is we have salmon in the river and are ahead of last year already!

Gerard Pichot from France tries his luck on the Grand Cascapedia.

The fly's of choice this time of the season are usually bigger , this week we had action on the Green Spey, Silver Rat and John Olin. Sizes from 2/0 to 4 seemed to spark the fishes interest. It's still a bit early for dry's but as the water warms up ther will be close by.

Ready to go on opening day!

That all to report for this week, I will be posting regular report and weekly photos every Sunday during the season. If you are interested in fishing with us next season please contact me early. We are sold out at both lodges for 2015.

Until next week,

Tight Lines,


Our 2015 season begins on Monday, June 1st

Welcome to the 2015 salmon season, it seems just like yesterday that I was writing my last fishing report of the 2014. Time passes quickly and here we are ready for a new season. We’ve been very busy preparing the lodges for opening day. The ladies have been working in the lodges while the guides have been working on the Canoes. Troy has been doing his magic and getting the grounds at both lodges “just perfect” as he always does.

This week we put all our canoes in the water, Clement and Yvan from Salmon Lodge and Bruno and John from Camp Bonaventure were busy all week. Thankfully the weatherman was kind to us and everything went off without a hitch.

Two Lodges, Three Amazing Rivers – Atlantic Salmon Paradise Found

Salmon Lodge and Camp Bonaventure the Triple Crown of Atlantic Salmon Fishing. Story and Photos by Raymond Plourde.

The Gaspé region of the eastern Canadian province of Québec has long been known for its magnificent ocean vistas sweeping along an extensive coastline and, inland, beautiful pine-clad mountains. It is also world-famous for its magnificent wilderness rivers and outstanding salmon fishing. The wild Atlantic salmon has long been considered the king of freshwater game fish – the ultimate quarry for the fly angler. And there is perhaps no finer angling water on the planet in which to fish for them than the Gaspe region of Québec.

Salmon Lodge at the Dieppe Fly Fishing Show, March 27, 28, 29, 2015

Salmon Lodge & Camp Bonaventure will once again have a booth at  the Dieppe Fly Fishing Show & Forum on March 27th, 28th and 29th, 2015 at the Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick .  The shows hours are Friday March 27th 10:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday March 28th 10am to 5pm and Sunday March 29th 10:00am to 4:00pm.  

SL Logo.jpg

Come by our booth and see what Salmon Lodge & Camp Bonaventure ares all about. New for 2015 the show will be much bigger and includes the Boat and Rv show along with the Outdoors show.

See you there,


Greg Thomas, Fly, Rod & Reel Magazine

Fly Fishing’s Show Season and Three Great Trips for 2015

Posted on February 11, 2015 by Greg Thomas

When you’re in the fly-fishing business winter isn’t called winter, it’s called “Show Season.”

Between December and April most lodges and guide services hit at least one or two shows and some of them hit many more, ranging from New Jersey all the way to Lynwood, Washington, and all points between. If you are like me, you hit one or more of these shows, as a consumer, each year. I’ve been doing this since I was five or six years old and I’ve always found it fun to wander the isles and dream about the trips I couldn’t afford. These days it’s a little more doable and hopefully that’s your story, too.

Even though you’ll likely spend some time at the shows this winter, I thought I’d make some suggestions on dream trips you might be able to book in 2015. Here are three specific trips that surely would offer some thrills. I’ve attached images from my trips to these lodges to get you fired up. Here goes. Dream big!

Camp Bonaventure/Salmon Lodge, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec: No fly fisher can say they wouldn’t like to fish for Atlantic salmon. They are one of the world’s great gamefish and one of the best places in the  world to fish for them, especially large salmon, is on the Grand Cascapedia River in Quebec. Flowing off the  Gaspe Peninsula, the Cascapedia draws in salmon that range to 60 pounds. The average fish probably weighs 10 pounds and 20-pounders are pretty common. I visited the Gaspe for a couple years straight and stayed at Salmon Lodge, which sits right on the lower Grand and offers great access to all of the river’s pools. I also spent time at Camp Bonaventure and it was equally awesome. The season runs from late May through early September. Early season means fresher and harder fighting fish. Late season means (likely) low water and more sluggish fish, but lots of them. Contact:

Want a 20 pound Atlantic and you don’t want to ride in a dilapidated Russian helicopter? No better place than Quebec’s Grand Cascapedia.

Salmon Lodge River Report, September 22nd to 30th 2014


What a way to end the season! The Bonaventure and Grand Cascapedia were red hot this week and we experience some of the best fishing of the season.   It's said that pictures are worth a thousand words, well rather than hearing what i have to say, just check out our photo gallery for this past week. I have only one suggestion to all salmon anglers...... book a Late September trip for 2015, it's fantastic!!!  

Salmon Lodge Regular Micheal Blades with a BIG Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Michael !

Peter Bennett releases a nice one back to the Grand, Way to go Peter!

Joe Colletta sure knows how to get it done, nice fish Joe! 

Salmon Lodge regular John Robertson with his first of 2014, Nice salmon John!

Our leaves have turned to bright autumn colors and frosty mornings are Parr for the course. It seems like just yesterday we were putting our canoes in the water for the start of a new season.

Fall colors on the Grand Cascapedia.

We are fortunate to have had another great season. While most salmon rivers around the world saw fewer fish than usual, we faired well in 2014, not the numbers of fish we usually see but not bad at all . The Bonaventure started later than normal but the returns were good overall.  The Grand Cascapedia also did well, similar to the Bony our salmon arrived  later than usual. The Petite Cascapedia fared well this season and returns were on time and in good numbers.

For the most part water conditions remained favorable throughout the season. A couple of weeks of low water in late July and August made fishing a bit more challenging, overall we received the rain we needed and fishing remained pretty consistent. September was our best month by far with a good number of fresh salmon and good water conditions. 

The fish counts on the Bonaventure in mid July and again in mid September showed good numbers of salmon in the river, fewer than a normal year but we did meet our spawning requirements.  The same was true for the Grand Cascapedia where spawning numbers were also met. The Petite Cscapedia did well and surpassed the required numbers of salmon, good news.  2014 was defiantly a years for grilse, all three rivers had more grilse than normal, a good grilse year has always been followed by a good salmon year, 2015 should be great! 

As we look towards the fall and winter it's nice to remember all the good times we have each season. Seeing all our repeat guests each year makes what we do very special. The relationships we've  formed over the years are special to me, the staff and our guides. I wish all of you that have spent time with us a very pleasant fall and winter. Thank you for your loyalty to Camp Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge over the years. We look forward to seeing you again next season.

Stay tuned and check in with us over the fall and winter, we will bring you up to date with happenings at Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge and news around the. Atlantic salmon world. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to fish with us or you have any questions. Its always nice to chat about fishing during the cold winter months! 

Until next time... Tight Lines


Salmon Lodge River Report, Sept 15th to 22nd, 2014

As our season is slowly winding down and our fishing is getting better everyday. It's nice to report we are having nice weather and warmer than normal temperatures for this time of the season.  Our water levels are back to where they're supposed to be at this time of the season with temperatures in the 50 plus degree range. The Bonaventure, Petite Cascapedia and Grand Cascapedia are all at normal levels for this time of the season, we could use a little rain but conditions are ok at the moment.

Roger wuest with his first Grand Cascapedia Salmon, Congratulations Roger!

The Grand has been fishing exceptionally well and we've been catching good numbers of salmon everyday, September is always good on the Grand especially for big salmon, one of our favorite times of the4 season. We're seeing a good number of fresh fall run salmon on the Bony and most of our lower pools have fresh fish. The Petite is also receiving a fall run and fishing has picked up considerabley over the past week. 

Matthe Schouten land a nice fish from the Grand, Nice fish Matthe!

We are now heading into our last week of 2014, with good numbers of fresh salmon and favorable water conditions it should end in a bang! 

Daniel McGraw and Salmon Lodge Larry Dee put one back to swim again! Niece fish Daniel.

Warmer water temperatures are allowing us to fish dry's and they continue to produce well. Tube fly's are also working well along with streamers. The hot fly's this week are the Red Francis, Out to Lunch and John Olin, Dry's in Brown, Green and Blue. We did catch a few on a bright orange bonmber as well.

 Charles St-Pierre with anotgher big fish from the Grand Cascapedia, Nice fish Charles!

Until next week...Tight Lines,


Salmon Lodge Fishing Report Sept 8 to 14, 2014

September is a great time to be on our rivers, it brings cooler water, usually some rain and defiantly a nice run of fall salmon. The first second of September hasn't disappointed us in the least, we had some great fishing over the past week and managed to land a good number of nice salmon including a couple of big ones as well. Last weeks full moon and high tides brought a good number of fresh salmon in our rivers. 

Larry Godfrey Lands his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Way to go larry.

The Bonaventure is low but still has plenty of water for our fall run fish to enter. We are seeing a good number of bright silver fish in our pools. The water temperatures in the Bony are perfect. The Petite Cascapedia is also experiencing low water and fish are stacked up in four pools. We need some rain to move them around. We've been limiting the number of rods on the Petite to keep the quality high,  but those who fish it are doing well. The Grand Cascapedia is also seeing a nice fall run, the lower pools especially have been producing well. The upper sections are very low and we really need some rain.

Matte Schouten with Salmon Lodge guide Yvan Bernard, nice salmon Matthe!

As I'm writing this weeks report the rain is coming down hard. The weatherman is calling for 25mm between today and tomorrow, lets hope.

John Johnston and salmon Lodge guide Larry Dee put a nice one back in the Grand Cascapedia.

This week hot fly's have been the Red Francis, the Red Francis and the Red Francis! Most of this week fish were caught on it fly. The ally shrimp along with the Silver Rat were responsible for a few more. Dry's are still working especially the blue bomber.

Braden Beck lands a nice grilse from the Bonaventure, a good way to begin the week!

Until next week....Tight lines,


Salmon Lodge Fishing Report September 1st to 7th, 2014

The weather man was kind to us this past week giving us the rain we needed. We received rain or showers every day giving our rivers a much needed boost. After being low for the past few weeks our water conditions are now normal for the beginning of September. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia rose a bit and conditions are good. The Grand Cascapedia received good amounts of rain as well , water levels are good with temperatures is in the 50 to 55 degree range. Some beats fished well this week while others weren't as productive.  A good number of nice salmon were landed along with plenty of grilse. Cooler water conditions combined with big tides should be bringing a run of fish in this weekend and next week.

 Salmon Lodge guide Larry Dee with Jim Dickson, nice fish Jim.

Fraser MacSadyen with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon , Nice salmon Fraser!

With cooler water we are beginning to use our fall patterns and they are doing well.  The ones to have are the Red Francis, Ally Shrimp, and Copper killer. Seems like anything with red or orange will do the job.

The Bonaventure was kind to Robert Tacy on his first day, Nice fish Robert.

Curtis Hamilton put one back on the Grand Cascapedia, good fishing Curt

Conventional patterns continue to work well, the Stone Ghost, Blue Charm, Undertaker and Green Butt were also responsible for a good number of fish. The best sizes have been 6's, 8's. The wets worked very well last week but the dry's stoled the show once again. It's been Green, Blue and Dark Brown bombers in sizes 2 to 8.

Until next week...Tight Lines,


Salmon Lodge Fishing Report Aug 25th to 31st, 2014


The last week of August brought us a mixed bag, hot at the beginning, rain in the middle and cooler towards the end. Our fishing has been on the same track, some days are great while others were a little slower. Overall we did however manage to have another good week including a few nice fresh silver bullets! Our rivers all received a much needed bump in water but we certainly could use more. The Bonaventure is fishing well but we had to work a little harder. The Petite 's water is low but the temperature is fine, we continue to do well on the Petite. The Grand Cascapedia needs some rain, we're having action every day but having to work harder, the branches are still too low for good fishing.  


Angler Mike Harper with Salmon Lodge guide Clement Bernier, this was Mike first Atlantic Salmon, Congratulations Mike.

Reports from all over the Atlantic salmon world are telling the same story, 2014 has been a tough year and returns are down everywhere. There's no doubt our rivers have less fish than normal but we are very fortunate to be doing much better than the majority. Number of two sea winter fish, those in the 12 to 15 pound class are down considerably but we  do have a good number of big salmon and plenty of grilse. Normally we have 20% grilse and 80% salmon ratio, this year it's about 50/50. If there's a silver lining,  a good grilse year has always been followed by a good salmon year. 


Budd Isaacis releases another one back to the Bonaventure, Way to go Budd.

As our water is low and a little cooler we are beginning to use our fall fly's. Even though our regulars such as the John Olin, Stone Ghost and Silver Rat have been working well, tubes and the Francis patterns are beginning to do very well. Dry's continue to take a good number of fish especially the Brown, Blue and Green Bombers. 


Henry Gordon with a nice Bonaventure grilse.

The weatherman is calling for Rain on Monday and showers on Thursday, keeping our fingers crossed.

Until next week...Tight Lines,



Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, August 18th to 24th, 2014

The third week of August has been our toughest so far. Warmer then normal air temperatures and little to no rain has made fishing more of a challenge. Water levels on the Bonaventure are slightly below normal for this time of the year, however the temperatures are still favorable at about 58 degrees Fahrenheit . The Bony has a good number of fish especially in our low water pools. Fishing has been good considering the conditions. The Petite Cascapedia is much the same with lower than normal levels, water temperatures on the other hand are good, in the 55 degree range. Fishing have been Ok on the Petite with plenty of action everyday. Water levels on the Grand Cascapedia are the lowest of our three rivers. The branches are low and not fishable at the moment. We have salmon in many of the pools but the water really too low for good fishing. The main stem is producing well and catching has been good granted we are working a little harder to catch them.  

Claude Lombardo from New Caladonia with his first Atlantic Salmon, he' coming back next year for a week!

The hot fly's for the week have been a mixture of dry's and small wets. Green and Dark Brown Bombers were responsible for most of the catches.  In the wet fly depatment, the John Olin, Green machine and Silver Rat did the job. The John Olin and Green machine were the hot ones on the Petite. Sizes that are working best are number 8's 10's and 12's.

Roland Vrydaghs with a nice Bonaventure salmon and his first North American fish! Congratulations Roland!

The weatherman is calling for showers on Wednesday and Thursday, we could really use some rain.

Claude Lambardo plays a huge Grand Cascapedia Salmon!!!
Peter Udle and Salmon Lodge guide Charles Binnett with a nice grilse.

Until next week...Tight Lines,



Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, August 11th to 17th, 2014

Well, we finally received the rain we were hoping for and our rivers have fresh new flow of cool water.. We didn't get the amount of rain the weather man was calling for but what we received was surley welcome. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia were getting low but now are running at normal levels for this time of the season. The weather system passed a little more to the Northwest so the Grand Cascapedia received more rain. The Grand  went from 10 cubic meters per second to 20 overnight giving it a much need boost getting the fish moving. Sunny days and warm weathwer over the past two weeks have made fishing a little more challenging, we have plenty of salmon in all our pools but they were a little harder to get to take.  Last weeks full moon and high tides brought a good run of fresh salmon in our rivers.   With the rise of water this past week gave us some good fishing. Needless to say all our guides are sporting a big smile. Fishing was good by weeks end and we did manage to land a good number of nice fish including a few nice ones. Rain and showers are forecast over the next few days.

Luc Legault seem a bit happy with his Grand Cascapedia Salmon, what do you think?

Nick Edwards has been coming to Salmon Lodge for years, this is his first of 2014, nice fish Nick.

Now that our rivers have new water, fishing this upcoming week should be great. 

Nova Scotian Ray Ploudre with a nice Grand Cascapedia fish, nice one Ray.

Dry's continue on the top of the list for hot flys, Green, Brown and Blue in sizes 2, 4 and 6. The wets doing the job are the John Olin and Stone Ghost along with the Green Machine, Undertaker and Langa Fancy.

German Arnold Mai wanted to catch a salmon on his old bamboo rod and Hardy reel using a dry fly. He did!!!

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Salmon Lodge Fishing Report August 4th to 10th

Fishing continues to be very good. This weeks new moon gave us high tides and a run of fresh salmon and grilseto all our rivers. Water levels on the Bonaventure are normal for mid August and temperatures are not bad at all, in the 55 to 60 degree range. All sections of the Bony are fishing well and we have salmon in all our pools. The Petite Cascapedia is starting to get a bit low but  water temperature remain nice and cool. The Petite has been producing fish for us every day. The Grand Cascapedia could definatly use some rain, showers we received on Thursday didn't change the levels at all. The branches are too low at the moment and we're catching all our salmon on the main stem. We're catching fish every day, but having to work a little harder for them .We've stopped using our canoes except for crossing on certain pools. The weather forecast is calling for rain on Thursday and Friday, 30 millimeters, who knows maybe this time?

 Jeff Bright with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Jeff! 

Lower water conditions call for smaller fly's and especially dry's. We're catching most of our fish on the surface wirh free floating dry's. It just doesn't get any better than sight fishing to a big salmon and watching it take you fly off the surface.!  The hot wet fly's this week have been the Stone Ghost, Blue Charm and Black Bear Green Butt. Drys, especially the Forest Green and Dark Brown ones were doing the job.

 If anyone knows how to catch them, Ernie McFadzen sure does. Nice salmon Ernie!

Jean Mathieu with his first Grand Cascapedia Salmon, nice fish Jean! 

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Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, July 28th to Aug 3rd, 2014

Salmon Lodge was the venue for the "Salmon Sisters" week of Salmon fishing. Ten lovely ladies from the US and Canada hosted their first annual Atlantic salmon fishing trip at Salmon Lodge on the Grand Cascapedia. The first day began with casting instruction with both single handed and double handed rods. The girls were then on the river from day two through five. A few of the ladies were experienced anglers and for others it was their first time. The guides told us they all were casting well and the salmon log proves ther're also good fisher-women landing a good number of fine salmon. The "Salmon Sisters" had a great time and are all coming back next season to further improve their skills and catch even more fish! we'll be ready girls!

The "Salmon Sisters" and the Salmon Lodge guides were ready for their first day on the river.

Overall we've had a good week at camp and good numbers of fish in the book. The weather warmed up considerably on Tuesday and the last few days have been hot and sunny with temperatures in the high 20's and very humid, not the best fishing conditions. We continue to have great fishing but the last few days have been more of a challenge due to the sunny days. Mornings and evenings are the time to fish when it gets hot. The Bonaventure continues to produce well and the water temperatures are still pretty cool, especially in the upper sections of the river.  We are having a good season on the Petite Cascapedia, our guides are seeing plenty of fresh salmon in almost all the pools. The Grand is also doing well but we could use a couple of rainy days to bump the water levels.  Considering the weather we had another great week on the Grand. The conditions this past week have given us more of a challenge but we're still catching them!

High rod for the week went to Barbara Crook, Barbara is no stranger to salmon fishiing.  She was at Camp Bonaventure only a week ago with her husband Dan Greenberg, where she was also very successful, way to go Barbara!

 The hot fly's for the week have been a mixture of dry's and small wets. Green and Dark Brown Bombers were responsible for most of the catches.  In the wet fly depatment, the John Olin, Green Butt and Silver Rat did the job, the Green Machine is catching up pretty quickly as one of the best fly's. The John Olin and Green machine were the winners on the Petite. The sizes that are working best are number 8's 10's and 12's.

Salmon Sister Lynda Sheilds and Salmon Lodge guide Pat Trudel. This is Lynda's first salmon, but not her last! 

The weather man shows a bit a rain early next week and temperatures will be cooling down . Maybe this hot weather will produce a thunder storm, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Always ready to celebrate their catch, both on and off the river!

Ottawa Salmon Sister, Kristen Wood and Salmon Lodge Clement Bernier, Way to go Kristen!

Until next week...Tight Lines,