Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, July 28th to Aug 3rd, 2014

Salmon Lodge was the venue for the "Salmon Sisters" week of Salmon fishing. Ten lovely ladies from the US and Canada hosted their first annual Atlantic salmon fishing trip at Salmon Lodge on the Grand Cascapedia. The first day began with casting instruction with both single handed and double handed rods. The girls were then on the river from day two through five. A few of the ladies were experienced anglers and for others it was their first time. The guides told us they all were casting well and the salmon log proves ther're also good fisher-women landing a good number of fine salmon. The "Salmon Sisters" had a great time and are all coming back next season to further improve their skills and catch even more fish! we'll be ready girls!

The "Salmon Sisters" and the Salmon Lodge guides were ready for their first day on the river.

Overall we've had a good week at camp and good numbers of fish in the book. The weather warmed up considerably on Tuesday and the last few days have been hot and sunny with temperatures in the high 20's and very humid, not the best fishing conditions. We continue to have great fishing but the last few days have been more of a challenge due to the sunny days. Mornings and evenings are the time to fish when it gets hot. The Bonaventure continues to produce well and the water temperatures are still pretty cool, especially in the upper sections of the river.  We are having a good season on the Petite Cascapedia, our guides are seeing plenty of fresh salmon in almost all the pools. The Grand is also doing well but we could use a couple of rainy days to bump the water levels.  Considering the weather we had another great week on the Grand. The conditions this past week have given us more of a challenge but we're still catching them!

High rod for the week went to Barbara Crook, Barbara is no stranger to salmon fishiing.  She was at Camp Bonaventure only a week ago with her husband Dan Greenberg, where she was also very successful, way to go Barbara!

 The hot fly's for the week have been a mixture of dry's and small wets. Green and Dark Brown Bombers were responsible for most of the catches.  In the wet fly depatment, the John Olin, Green Butt and Silver Rat did the job, the Green Machine is catching up pretty quickly as one of the best fly's. The John Olin and Green machine were the winners on the Petite. The sizes that are working best are number 8's 10's and 12's.

Salmon Sister Lynda Sheilds and Salmon Lodge guide Pat Trudel. This is Lynda's first salmon, but not her last! 

The weather man shows a bit a rain early next week and temperatures will be cooling down . Maybe this hot weather will produce a thunder storm, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Always ready to celebrate their catch, both on and off the river!

Ottawa Salmon Sister, Kristen Wood and Salmon Lodge Clement Bernier, Way to go Kristen!

Until next week...Tight Lines,