Salmon Lodge Fishing & River Report, June 18th to 24th, 2018

After a slow start to the season we are slowly seeing things get back to normal. This weeks high tides brought in a decent run of fish especially in  Bonaventure and Petite Cacsapedia. The Grand is an earlier river and we're used to seeing salmon by early June.  Really good news for the Petite as its usually later than most rivers, hopefully a sign of great things to come.


Tim Bridge (right) and Salmon Lodge guide Renaud Demers, hard to tell who's happier! congratulations Tim.

I was speaking with ASF's president Bill Taylor this week. Bill was telling me that all the rivers are late this year but starting slowly to see some fish.


Salmon Lodge regular Murdoch Lang with a fine Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Murdoch!

Mondays' rain gave us a need boost in water levels and moved the levels up a slight bit. We certainly don't have low water conditions but a nice rain always freshens things up. 


Leo Johnson with his first Atlantic salmon, here's to many more! nice one Leo!

The Bonaventure river is flowing cold and clear at 43 cubic meters per second. The Grand Cascapedia at 50 and the Petite Cascapedia at 35. Our rivers are a little higher than normal for this time of the season but we’re not complaining, better higher than too low.  The higher water is allowing salmon to move quickly up stream,  all our rivers have fish throughout their entire systems, not in huge numbers but there none the less. 


Greg Hult land his first Atlantic, Well done Greg, may it be the first of many.

The weather has also been cooperating, temperatures have not been too warn and we received just the right amount of rain to maintain the levels. The forecast is calling for rain and showers during the first part of next week and clear towards the end.


Salmon Lodge regular Curt Hamilton lands his first one of the season, congratulations Curt!


Tim Gray releases another act on the Grand, well done Tim.

The fly or the week was the Stone Ghost in sizes 4 and 6. The John Olin, Nagli, Green Highlander, Silver Rat and Langa Fancy also did a very good job. Dry flies have also started  produce, however the water is still a little too cool for great dry fly action. 

Until next week,

Tight lines,