Our Guides

Alex Mallais


Salmon Lodge is very pleased to welcome Alex Mallais to its guiding team. Alex is a hard core fly-fisherman with many years experience. Having spent a number of years working in a fly shop, his knowledge and expertise are extensive . When he's not guiding for Atlantic salmon you will find Alex somewhere on a trout stream or in hot persuit  of stripers in the salt water. His passion for fly fishing makes a day with Alex a truly great experience. We are very pleased to welcome him to our great team.

Charles Binette


Charles is simply a wonderful guide and we are fortunate to have him as part of our Salmon Lodge guiding team. It's difficult to find a good guide, especially someone with experience but even more importantly, someone with a passion for the sport.  Charles Binett is the most passionate salmon angler and guide you'll ever come across. Fly fishing's  in his blood and his experience is diverse: from Florida Redfish to the elusive bonefish of the Bahamas but most of all his favourite is the Atlantic Salmon!


Clement Bernier

Clement has earned the name “Hawk Eye” as few salmon move for your fly that he doesn’t see. He has been guiding for Atlantic salmon for more than 25 years. His experience and knowledge of the sport are only surpassed by his enthusiasm. Clement is an expert fly-tier and always designing new creations. An accomplished wildlife artist and conservationist, he is at home on the river and in nature.

Pat Trudel


Before his guiding career at Salmon Lodge Pat was a full time game warden on the Petite Cascapedia river. If anyone knows the Petite Cascapedia it’s sure Pat. From its headwaters to its estuary he know every turn and bump and most of all where the salmon are. He is a master boat handler, fly-fisherman and a very keen guide. His knowledge of our rivers and his understanding of salmon habitat make for a truly wonderful experience each and every day.

Jean Marc Clairmont

Jean Marc is one of the most passionate and experienced guides you’ll ever have the opportunity to fish with. With over 25 years of guiding experience we are honoured to have him as part of our team. A passionate angler at home in both in fresh and salt water Jean Marc is a dye hard  Fly fisherman. His true passion however is Atlantic salmon fishing. The Grand Cascapedia, Petite Cascapedia and Bonaventure rivers are his playground and he knows every inch. As a skilled salmon angler Jean Marc knows where and how to find salmon and most importantly, how to catch them. He will have you sight casting with dry fly’s in no time! A Skilled boatsman, he has no problem polling a 26 foot canoe, even in the most demanding water conditions. Days on the river with Jean Marc are always great!