Great Lodge


Recently my wife and I spent time at Salmon Lodge. The management, staff and guides (yes guides) were all exceptionally friendly and helpful. The staff could not do more to satisfy your needs/expectations. On the first night we were asked if we had any dietary restrictions. My wife said she is gluten free, not by necessity but by choice, so don't worry about it. The next morning she had gluten free bread and throughout our stay had many gluten free options. Now to more important issues. We were there this September and the weather was exceptionally hot and the river was low. As a result the fish were not that active and in addition to having spawning on the mind not taking a fly. That said, my wife caught her first fish on a dry fly. Yes! I have been trying for a few years to get my wife to try a 2 handed rod with no success. Our guide managed to convince to try and gave her one to play with. after a 1/2 day of practice with lots of encouragement and instruction from our guide she was casting a line with much less effort than it took her to cast a one handed rod half as far and I may now have to let her make that one last cast to get the one I just can't reach. With our guide's encouragement I took the time to learn how to spey cast something I've always wanted to do. It will take time and practice to become proficient. We have fished at a number of lodges and even though the fishing was very challenging this was one of the best fishing trips we have had thanks to the great team at Salmon Lodge.

By: Tarpon2