Salmon Fishing


I travelled with a friend Peter up to the Gaspe to fish the Grand Cascapedia River. This trip had been planned for years but other angling adventures and time prevented it from happening.Last spring at the show in Moncton Glenn LeGrand and Junior St.Onge had the Salmon Lodge and Bonaventure booth at the show and time slots were available so a trip was booked. On all levels it exceeded my expectations! The Lodge is an older building restored to a high level of quiet and comfortable luxury. The staff was efficient and helpful and everything was done to ensured your comfort and success was done and done! The river itself is breath taking! Every pool I fished seemed better than the last. Pools were well marked by numbers, some had toilet facilities, picnic tables and stairs to decend steep paths to the pool. Pristine with little to no garbage, I found two cig butts in four days. Some pools were fished from a canoe with a guide poling front and back. THe river is quite wide with well defined pools and great dry fly water. We also fished the Bonaventure and the clairity of the water was amazing! The guides were great and knew the river well providing great advice and help. You didn't get to fish with many guides but the comments and satisfaction of the guests spoke highly of their ability and profession attitude. As a guide myself I appreciated being guided by these gentlemen! The fishing was great and at no time did I feel I was casting over barren water. Some of the salmon were large and the stories the guides told at first sounded like a bit of hype the days went by and some very large salmon were raised to the fly you realized 30-40 lb salmon were possible. A few raised to my fly and they were be still my beating heart moments! The catching was tough and the fish false raised a lot and were difficult to hook. There were lots of theories but the one I liked best was a native guide when asked why said..."They are wild creatures!" Then there was the...You should have been here last week! That said most caught some salmon! It was a pleasure to fish for salmon in an area that the rivers and salmon were the important and economic center of the area.Fly shops abound and fly rods festooned cars and trucks . Saw lots of diverse wildlife . Thanks to everyone who made this trip so enjoyable!

By: Perry15 from Nova Scotia, Canada