The Finest Lodge!


I visited The Salmon Lodge for 4 days in mid September 2015. I have visited and worked in many camps from Chile to Russia, Iceland to Canada. I have rarely found as synchronized professional staff, where all and any requests were dealt with to greatest satisfaction. I found my self thinking I was on Singapore Airlines flight. The food was very good, the guides were bar none, and management of this camp does not leave much to improve. The camp makes you feel like stepping 100 years back in time, yet with all modern amenities, many essential like 3 types of coffee makers and 25 types of coffee. Crand Cascapedia is one of the worlds top rivers for large salmon. It rewarded me with personal best of 27 and 25 lbs. I look forward to return in years time and have a short at a +40 lbs salmon.

By: EastTraveler