Driving from Halifax and Moncton

A set of directions from Google Maps is available here (the Lodge’s co-ordinates are 48.305306,-65.937468).

  • From Halifax, Nova Scotia drive to Moncton, New Brunswick. This distance between Halifax and Moncton is about 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Once you arrive near Moncton follow the signs to Miramichi. Drive towards the town of Miramichi. The distance from Moncton to Miramichi is about 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Once you arrive in Miramichi you will cross a bridge, after crossing this bridge you will follow the signs to Bathurst. Miramichi to Bathurst is about 40 minutes.
  • From Bathurst drive to Campbellton. Take the first exit to Campbellton. From Bathurst to Campbellton is a one hour drive.
  • Take this exit and follow the directions to downtown Campbellton. Campbellton is a small town and not difficult to get around.
  • Once in Campbellton follow directions to the bridge, for your reference there is a large bridge that crosses from New Brunswick to Quebec.
  • After crossing the bridge you will drive approximately two miles to the junction for highway 132.
  • Turn right on highway 132 east, you will now be following the south shore of the Gaspe Peninsula.
  • As a reference point you will pass by the towns of Carleton and Maria.
  • After you go through the town of Maria you will drive down a small hill and cross the Grand Cascapedia river bridge.
  • After crossing the bridge you will then drive up a small hill to a set of traffic lights and a four way intersection.
  • Turn left at this intersection, you will be on highway 299 North. The drive from Campbellton to the junction to 299 North is about an hour.
  • Once you turn on the 299 Salmon Lodge is 8.4 miles or 13,4 kilometers on your left.
  • You can see the Lodge from the road, it has a white fence surrounding it.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to call the Lodge and the Manager, Junior St. Onge at 418-392-4575 Lodge, or 418-391-2886 mobile.